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Bolten Ltda. It is a company with 24 years of experience in the packaging market for the cosmetic and perfumery industries, personal hygiene, household cleaning, veterinary, automotive, among others. Our company started with the sale of pumps for liquid products and creams, obtaining in a short time a high penetration in the national market. Subsequently, other product lines were added, such as Pet containers, cosmetic packaging, glass containers, different types of dosing pumps and caps, thus expanding the product portfolio that identifies us in the market as an innovative packaging company.


Bolten Ltda is a company with over 24 years in the Packaging business supplying solutions for the cosmetic, personal care, house care, pharmaceutics, and veterinary industries.

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Bolten Ltda, is a company dedicated to developing, manufacturing, packaging and marketing specialized packaging, in addition to offering innovation, versatility and functionality in our packaging

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Quality Objectives
Foster a culture of quality. Increase efficiency in each of the processes. Maintain quality of our products. Ensure timely response times to our customers

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