Specialized Systems in Packaging

Bolten Ltda is a company with over 24 years in the Packaging business supplying solutions for the cosmetic, personal care, house care and veterinary industries.

Our company started selling pumps for creams and liquid products, obtaining a high market penetration in a very short time. Afterwards we started expanding our portfolio with other product lines as dispensers, glass bottles, and Pet bottles to give our clients more options to innovate.

Bolten - Specialized Systems in Packaging
Bolten - Specialized Systems in Packaging


Bolten Ltda is a company dedicated to manufacture and distribute specialized Packaging for the cosmetic and house care industries. We seek to satisfy customers´ needs offering innovation, versatility and functionality in our products; assuring the best customer support.


For the year 2021 Bolten Ltda., Is projected as a leading company in the national and international market in innovation of packaging and packaging friendly to the environment, manufactured with high technology and ensuring excellent quality, always fulfilling the promise of satisfaction with our customers.

Bolten - Specialized Systems in Packaging
Bolten - Specialized Systems in Packaging

Quality Policy:

Our commitment is to produce and distribute top quality Packaging products with comPetitive prices; supported on a qualified labor force, always seeking to satisfy our clients´ needs.

Quality Objectives:

  • Foment the quality culture.
  • Increase our processes´ efficacy.
  • Always maintain the best quality in our products.
  • Guarantee appropriate response times for our clients´ needs.
  • Assure labor force capabilities by continuous training.